Life blogging.

It’s an ambitiously-named project, but I couldn’t think of anything else to describe what I want to do with this site.

I can only write and share from my personal perspective, but I do believe that this experience we call “life” is universal enough for us all to have certain things in common.

For example, it seems that we’ve all agreed that our existence has different aspects. In Chinese philosophy, we hear about yin and yang – the duality in all things. Everything that seems separate is actually the same, including this thing we call the Self.

The words I’m familiar with are Mind, Body and Spirit.

They’re separate, but inextricably linked. 


I’ll start with what is – for me – the most distinct: the Body.

When I talk about the body, it has to do with the physical stuff that is walking, talking and typing on this keyboard right now. My Body is the collection of muscles, ligaments and bones that comprise the “Me” that most will see and touch.

And what do we do with muscles?

We strengthen them.

And what do we do with ligaments?

We stretch them.

And what do we do with bones?

We break them.

Just kidding.

For me, the Body also has to do with what I put inside it – and no, I’m not talking about what you put inside that opening.

I’m talking about the mouth.

What you put inside your mouth.

As food.

The diet.

You know what…let’s move on.


Let’s talk about the Mind.

For me the Mind refers to that part of yourself that produces thoughts, and does things like learning, processing and growing. Some people may refer to it as the Conscious, the Thinking Mind, the Ego, the Self…and if I left any out, feel free to add them as a comment below.

To me, one of the most awesome things our human minds are capable of is language. We use language and words to communicate – not just with others – but with ourselves. Humans across all confines of space and time have told stories, because this is what the Mind understands.

For that reason – and also because I’m a huge cerebral nerd – much of the content on this blog probably falls under the Mind heading.

I love words. I love writing. I love thinking. I love learning. And, for me, that’s what the mind is all about.


The last aspect is Spirit. I know that a lot of people interpret this concept differently; the simplest way I can describe it is that, for me, the Spirit is that part of yourself that listens to the thoughts of the Mind.

This part of you transcends your everyday thoughts, words and even actions and is connected to something bigger.

Words come to mind that have been used to express this idea like: the Observing Mind, the subconscious, the True Self.

In my opinion, this is the part of me that is connected with everyone everywhere. This is the part of me that experiences joy, not just happiness. This is the part of me that is the source and channel of light (figurative) and love (literal).

I believe that each person’s Spirit is nurtured in completely different ways, and I think the various religious and spiritual beliefs the world over are testament to that fact. For me, this nourishment comes primarily through music and dance.

We don’t know why music moves us, only that it does. So much has been said about the universality and impact of music that it would be hard for me to find anything to add. So instead, I’ll repeat a quote although I don’t know who said it, and for whom attribution probably means nothing as its such a universal sentiment anyway: “Music is the language of the soul”.

And dance.

What can I say about dance?

Dance is the one thing that can make me lose sleep, all my problems, and all track of time.

So, umm Danielle…speaking of dance…isn’t that a Body thing? I mean, it’s probably the most BODY of Body things.

So why is it under the heading Spirit?

That’s the thing.

None of these headings is discrete; none is its own separate category.

They are all – really, actually – linked. 

For me, the headings are primarily symbolic. They’re representations of how I view each activity, and also, more simply, a way of helping me keep this blog organized.

In my experience, learning to play the guitar is just as physically challenging as when I started stretching for the first time. And singing requires just as much mental concentration, muscle control, practice and ‘working out’ as dance or going to the gym.

Spirit is in the Body.

Body is to the Mind.

Mind is of the Spirit.

And that’s what this website is all about.

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