Do Women Look Better With(out) Makeup?

Houston, we have a problem.

Every day, millions of women the world over wake up, and head to the bathroom. They take a shower. They brush their teeth.

And then – instead of heading out, ready to take on the day – they proceed to spend the next 30 minutes (or more) painstakingly drawing, sculpting and painting various shades onto their faces, in the ultimate act of strict discipline /slash/ awe-inspiring artistry.

And this…for some…is a “problem”.

So, naturally, I have some questions:

  1. Why is this a “problem”?
  2. Why is it that (mainly) women wear makeup?
  3. Is a man shaving every morning equivalent to a woman “putting her face on?”
  4. And finally – the big question – DO WOMEN LOOK BETTER WITH OR WITHOUT MAKEUP?

I’m not going to answer these questions.

Instead, I want to talk about the last question.


Discussing whether a woman looks better or worse with makeup requires an underlying belief.

And that belief is that a woman ought to “look good” to you, the observer. Whatever standard or yardstick you use to measure ‘looking good’, the innermost belief is that ‘looking good’ is something that a woman needs to do.

We don’t really know where this belief came from. Some would argue that it’s biology; others would say it’s the patriarchy.

My guess is that it’s a little bit of both.

But I love science, so I’ll stick to the biology argument for now. The fact of the matter is that, how an individual looks is a huge determining factor in sexual selection.

Can you imagine a peacock plucking out its beautiful feathers, defiantly screaming, “Love me for who I am on the inside!!!”?

No, you can’t.

Because that’s ridiculous.

But – for better or worse – human beings can no longer resort to the reasoning of being just animals. We HAVE evolved past the point of simply being slaves to our biology. That’s an indisputable fact.

It’s why it’s no longer acceptable to eat each other, rape each other, and/or relieve the contents of our bowels on the side of the road.

So when you say that “Women look better without makeup” or that “You prefer women without makeup” you’re not really solving the problem. I understand that you have the best of intentions, but you’re actually contributing to it.


Actually, we all contribute to it. It’s not your fault any more than it is mine.

But it is our RESPONSIBILITY. Because there are no ‘bad people‘ in the world. But there are bad ideas. And bad ideas make people do bad things.

Or at least…stupid things. ^_^

Like telling women to stop wearing makeup.


It doesn’t matter if you think women look better without makeup. By asking this question, we’re already missing the point.

Women don’t wear makeup “to look good for guys”. Women don’t wear makeup “to impress other women”.

Women wear makeup because of the idea (which most of us unconsciously accept and contribute to) that what a person looks like is one of their most important defining features.

And furthermore, that a woman looking pleasing to a man – whether his preference is dolled up, or natural, or something else entirely – is of some utmost importance.

It’s not.

People are more than their looks.


Made up, fresh-faced, long flowing skirt, bikini, natural hair, weave…WOMEN ARE MORE THAN THEIR LOOKS.

That’s the idea we need to be spreading.


The only way women will ever feel comfortable being their true selves is if we DESTROY the idea that what a woman looks like is somehow her most valuable asset.

If you really want to help the situation you’ll understand that it’s not your place to see a woman as the sum of her external presentation, and your perception of that presentation.

Please do all women a favor and stop telling us how you think we should look.

Understand that if you REALLY didn’t care about looks, a face full of makeup wouldn’t faze you in the least.

Understand that what a woman does with her body is not your concern – it’s fully, 100% hers.

And understand (no…but really understand) that beauty – while pleasing – is only skin deep. When you GET THIS, then makeup (or no makeup) will really be no problem.

Do you have any makeup or beauty-related thoughts?

Do you have any answers to my questions are the beginning of the article?

I genuinely would love some answers and discussion!

Thanks for reading.


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