11月 19日

11月 19日

じゅういちがつ じゅうきゅうにち




昨日映画見ました。”When Harry Met Sally” 「ハリーがサリーに合ったとき」。面白かったです。もう一回見たいです!

Hi! It’s been a while hasn’t it? From now on, I’m going to try and write every day.

This morning was sunny so I did some laundry and talked to my parents for a long time. In the afternoon, I had lunch with friends at Noborizato-san’s house. After that I came home and did some cooking. In the evening, I went to salsa practice. It was a good day.

Yesterday I watched a movie, When Harry Met Sally. It was so funny. I want to watch it again!

My questions:

  1. [毎日書くつもりです] は正しいですか?
  2. 「今朝晴れだからせんたくをして親と長い時間話しました。」はちょっと変ですね?何がいい?

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  1. Was nice talking to you.

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