11月 22日

11月 22日

じゅういちがつ にじゅうににち



「キラ」という学生が足を指して 「キンニク」と言いました。最初は意味が分かりませんでしたけどその後辞書に探しました。意味は 「muscle]です。 あしをとても誇り(ほこり)思います。^。^



Something funny happened yesterday.

A student named Kira pointed at my leg and said “kinniku”. At first I didn’t understand what she meant but afterwards I looked it up in my dictionary. It means “muscle”. I felt really proud of my legs. ^.^

Today was also very cold! Right now, that’s the biggest thing on my mind. I can’t believe it’s already so cold. Please take care this winter! (That goes for both you and me, but mostly me.)


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  1. Very good Dan. Keep it up.

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