How We Ruin Ourselves

Today I drank a cup of coffee in the staff room.

Not a big deal.

I go to this school on Thursdays and Fridays only, there is always coffee on the table during break time, and since I realized the coffee was absolutely delicious, I started drinking it for a mid-day boost.

The thing is: I prefer to stay away from dairy products. And I have other ways I could energize myself in the middle of the day: I could listen to music, or I could do a few sun salutations.

But the coffee is there. It’s easy. And I got used to drinking it.

So despite that voice saying “you probably shouldn’t”, I went ahead and drank it anyway.

I justified it by saying “I only do it on Thursdays and Fridays” and “I only started to be nice to the tea lady who always used to offer me”. But these reasons – while partially true – do not tell the full story.

The truth is, I do it because I’m not strong enough to listen to that voice.

And that’s how we ruin ourselves.

Not by ‘drinking coffee’ or ‘eating dairy products’ or any other arbitrary thing that the outside world and your environment may say.

We ruin ourselves by ignoring our conscience.

We always – and I mean ALWAYS no matter what – hear that voice inside. But we ignore it because it might make us or our friends uncomfortable, or because it might disappoint our parents, or it goes against what we learnt in church, or because it goes against the image of ourselves we’ve carefully constructed.

But ignoring that voice is the ONLY thing that brings ruin into our lives. Not external forces, not the economy, not our family, not our circumstances. Our ignorance of what WE KNOW we ought to be doing in any given moment.

The beautiful thing is that the voice keeps speaking. It doesn’t go away, no matter how much we ignore it. And it’s so personal that nobody can tell you what your inner voice is saying. You can choose to ignore it, you can choose to lie on it…but you can never stop hearing it. That is what I call the voice of God and NOBODY CAN HEAR IT FOR YOU.

If when it speaks, you listen, you are creating the life of your dreams. And every time you ignore it, you are creating a life you will regret. Like me and the coffee. Welp!ย ๐Ÿ˜‚


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